Family Grocery List Printable

weekly grocery list printable — mrscaseyann

I recently went to grab one of my stylish “to market” grocery lists I ordered a cute stationery company last year, and as it folded over, ripped and fell out of my hands (for the thousandth time), having already lost the back cardboard and magnet piece, I grabbed a random scrap of paper and jotted down my Costco list, and our regular chaotic shopping trip commenced 🙂

While this isn’t the most pressing issue in my life, I have been so annoyed with the various grocery list pads I’ve tried, so I figured I’d make one of my own and print a stack, handy for the endless grocery shopping our family seems to do! I’m not too good at planning specific days of meals, but I do shop with meals in mind (a rough sketch, have you), so I fill those out down below as a guess (I can’t be hemmed in, people!).

If you’re interested, you are welcome to use it too! I added some of our usual buys to help jog my memory, which certainly needs “jogging”.

Download here 🙂

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