26 week bump (and gender reveal!)

ca789340-7ff5-42ba-80ec-69a7678504ec.jpgJust a little bumpdate—26 weeks! Things are going well right now, and the weeks are flying by. And before the updates, i promsied a gender reveal.. it’s a boy! I know, I know, a bit anticlimactic as far as gender reveals go, you are most welcome 😉 But we are excited to know there’s a little mister joining us. Luke is elated to be “evened up” and keeps computing little brothers age in conjunction with the rest of the siblings. The girls are so excited about a baby and don’t really know what to expect yet.

Fun fact, our first ultrasound, baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his legs and long story short, we were told we are expecting a girl! A few weeks later, I went in for some more imaging on a few of baby’s vitals and the technician broke it to me that this is most definitely not a girl.. wait, what?! Threw us for a loop, already keeping us on our toes. I sensed this was a boy pregnancy from the beginning (the girls gave me so much nausea, so it’s encouraging to know the intuition is en pointe.


Size: I am told we’re about the size of a baseball glove now! This seems huge, and also wide, and overall a bizarre shape to use for comparison’s sake, but there it is!

Sleep: Fine! It’s fine, okay?? Ha. Generally I’ve been sleeping well. But late bedtimes and early mornings and insomnia do not help. I definitely need to start turning in earlier, 1130pm is not cutting it these days! (surprise surprise, it’s 11:34pm as I’m typing this).

Symptoms: I’ve had vertigo which is new for me. It may or may not be pregnancy induced but if you ever wondered what it feels like to constantly be doing a somersault, that’s pretty close. But since the vertigo stopped, things have been fairly smooth.. a miracle!! Some acid reflux, there’s that. Bear with me long enough and I’m sure I’ll have added exponentially to this section 😉

Food cravings: salads, espresso drinks, tacos, popcorn with nutritional yeast mmm.

Exercise: still walking as much as I can, but much of it has been on the treadmill because of the rain. Also trying to do as many weights and resistance exercises as I can. I am pretty thankful that Kayla of the world famous “Sweat” app is due around the same time as me, she has so many recommendations that I’ve been saving on my Instagram to try out. I am hoping to keep some strength throughout this pregnancy so we’ll see how that goes.

Movement: so much movement as of late! It’s fun to see my belly begin to rise in certain places. And he’s just constantly moving around in general. So much activity and he’s not even out! Yikes!

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