Kate is three!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

“Swim soups” (swimsuit)

“What that is” (what is that?)

“Who her is” (who is she?)

“Trash-ic” (traffic)

“Oh look at those beautiful flowers! Can i pick one for you? Actually those are leaves. We don’t pick leaves.” (Insert song about pokey sticks)

Kate causes me to slow down and see things through her eyes, whether it be finding something on the ground, tucking in her babies in the living room, or taking time to carefully listen to her little voice. Every day, I am tested by her strength; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this. Kate has caused me to parent more slowly, carefully and with patient love.

Kate, you are beautiful, tender hearted, thoughtful, caring, powerful, strong willed and then gentle at times, in the most delicate ways. I stand back and observe that all the combinations resting within you and find they’re almost too much, yet so absolutely you. And I’m crying. How is it even remotely possible that my little love is 3?! Happy birthday, love!

ps Kate at two, and Kate at one, and Kate as newborn (weep!).


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