Winter rhythm printable

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Oh winter, how we love you. While the cold temperatures and sparkling rain-filled days keep us homebound more often, it’s also where my kids continually ask to be. And I think that’s okay for us, the kids are little and sticking to slow and quieter rhythms keeps us all much happier.

I usually write out a quick schedule seasonally and follow it only half the time—or less, as you do, or at least I do 😉 I find that I enjoy taking each day as it comes, though there are moments with the kids that call for more of a plan, which is what I’ve attached below, along with some of our winter activities wish list.

In general, our days include a lot of free play, and during winter a lot of indoor activities. If the weather is good, sometimes we spend an “outing” simply playing outside. Or if we are able, we’ll spend the entire morning on an outside walk. With winter, we are forced inside much more, but there’s much to enjoy with a day inside if we work it right, and I find that it rejuvenates my kids if we spend it well. Here is what a typical day of ours looks like right now:

7AM | Wake up, get dressed, make beds

8AM | Breakfast, brush teeth, wash up

9AM | Bible story, prayers, tidy up

10AM | Outing

11AM | Activity

12PM | Lunch, wash hands/face

1PM | Rest time

3PM | Outing or outside free play

5PM | Dinner

6PM | Bath time, brush teeth, pjs

630PM | Snuggles (reading, talking), sleep

I try not to spend too many days out of the week out-and-about for errands and such, it’s usually too much for all of us (considering there’s three under five, for now). If we need a quick grocery trip, I’ll try and sync up with James and have him go on his way home from work (he’s so fast!), or for larger trips, make a day of it with lunch afterwards.

Well, that’s how we are embracing our winter 🙂 And if it’s helpful, it’s available below for you!

Download here 🙂

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