Looking back at 2018

I’ve done a “year in review” style post in years past but hadn’t felt up to it anytime recently, but when one is sick in bed (and slightly bored), things like this just happen 😉 happy new year! Here are a few major moments I’m thinking of as we sail into 2019. This year held many changes for us, and it was a pivotal moment in how we view our lives. We’ve slowed down significantly, pruned things that needed pruning and attempted to boil down to the vital parts of life. It’s been a beautiful process! Not without challenges and trials, but so it is with the re-working of our habits, patterns, beliefs, etc. Above all, this year has been a blessing and we are thankful for what we’ve learned, grown in and established within our own family ❤

Well.. the kids! The changes that a year holds for a 4, 2 and 1 year old are simply monumental. Luke has completely transformed; we see more and more of what’s happening in his little soul each day. He is smart, extremely intuitive, thoughtful, athletic, tender.. he’s seen us make the most mistakes but has the most gracious way about him. And then, this was Kate’s year of being two! Just days away from her turning three, seeing pictures of her last year at this time is both sweet and gut wrenching! Her little face was still a squishy baby face, and her whole self has lengthened out. She talks so much, asks so many questions, takes in everything without fail, and has thoughts about everything. And then Emma has become a toddler! She began this year as a little 5 month old and is a little girl now at almost 1 1/2. She chatters so much, is toddling everywhere, is able to express herself and is already wearing almost all the clothes Kate was wearing this time last year (tears!).

The winter and spring held job changes, many beloved family members came to visit, James successfully completed more schooling towards his education (while working full time!), enjoyed weeks of full-heart time / fun with cousin Anna from Switzerland visiting.


In summer, we enjoyed countless beach days, trips to Gilroy gardens, got a fabulous new car, spent time with friends in Sacramento, and Emma and I ventured down south for time with friends and family.


As Fall began, we enjoyed time with our dear friends who moved away last year, started swim lessons, Luke and James went back to both preschool and teaching, James began his new position as Dean at that same school, we discovered we were expecting(!), began our plans for a home remodel and enjoyed a full and beautiful Christmas season ❤


We hope your year has been growing, beautiful, challenging and rewarding. Bring it on 2019 🙂 Happy happy new year to you!!

“With regard to my own behavior, I now renewed and wrote down my former resolutions…to take no pleasure which does not tend to the glory of God; thanking God every moment for all I do take, and therefore rejecting every sort and degree of it which I feel I cannot so thank Him in and for.”

John Wesley

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