23 weeks

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23 weeks! Which means 17 to go, and that is blowing me away in this moment. We have had quite a buzz of excitement in the last few weeks with this 23 week little babe, mainly finding out gender and noticing this belly getting b-i-g (maybe with some assistance from the holiday cookie dept).

How far along: 23 weeks and due early May, right before summer break for James. We have one early baby, late baby and then one on time so curious when this one will decide to come!

Size: My app this time is set on “weird but cute animals” so guinea pig it is. Weird but cute—so accurate.

Sleep: Has been a little bit terrible due to congestion (which I always get when I’m pregnant), but apart from that, I’m getting along fairly well. Though, I forget how much I desperately miss sleeping on my belly; I am already longing for that.

Symptoms: I’ve felt mostly great. The beginning of this pregnancy was fairly consistent with my nausea of the other pregnancies, but thankfully, this tapered around 14 weeks. I’ve had some migraines too but they are coming less and less. If I catch them right away with a Tylenol and some black iced tea, it seems to help, but if they gain enough ground, they are so mean! I’ve also had afternoon fatigue, but I’m finding myself more energetic now (praise).

Food cravings: Different soups, lots of chicken broth. I’m starting to crave fruits and veggies again, along with my big salads, which sounded so nauseating at the beginning. I survived on crackers and toast and not even sweets sounded delicious. And really. That’s just no way to live 🙂

Exercise: I am trying to walk whenever I can. I’ll do about 30 mins of walking at the gym on days I don’t get a walk in with the kids, so that some sort of walking is happening. Before the school break started, we’d been doing a 5 mile loop with the girls in the stroller and Luke on his bike. If we don’t get that full walk in, we are doing something to make sure we’re all moving and getting around. When I do go to the gym, I do a circuit of squats, lunges and arm exercises after my walk, and that alone challenges—but doesn’t overwork—me. I am just too darn cold to swim right now, which was one of the things I loved with my warmer-weather pregnancies, so we’ll see how things go as Springtime sprouts.

Movement: I found out during the ultrasound, this babe is moving! And more than I realize. I’m usually fairly aware of movement and fluttering. I did find out that I have an anterior placenta which just means that the placenta grows on the front of your belly. This made all our images blurrier and can make it difficult to recognize movement. So now I’m well aware of the crazy moving antics inside, even though I feel so much less than what’s actually happening 🙂

Til next time!

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