Bits and pieces

We have had a bit of sickness this week so we’ve spent more days in the house than we’re used to. And extra nights up with Emma. Thankfully, there are some new and wonderfully distracting toys to rifle through, the kids have stayed occupied.

Luke received his first pedal bike this Christmas and I can’t believe how huge he looks riding it around! We chose a Woom kids bike, and it is fantastic! He rode his strider bike for years and is such a champ with it, but he literally hopped on the pedal bike and knew what to do. He practices daily and is so excited to get out there. I told James today that I’m certain Luke is a better biker at four, than I was at ten.. and especially now 😂

We needed to get out of the sick house today so an adventure to our favorite farm was just the ticket. The cows were out to pasture in the spot we always hope they’ll be. They appear to be the happiest cows, with fluffy black hides who kindly moo back-and-forth with your two year old, just as you’d hope they would. Kate was elated.

Speaking of, my little Kate had a big knot forming and taking shape to the nearly unmanageable point in her soft little head of hair (swim lesson knots start little..). And I’m proud to say that after a few sessions, it’s out! These tangles are no joke (things I never realized would be so pressing for me). We celebrated by sleeping in braids because I was unwilling to allow a night of bed head to fuss with all that work! Turns out a dose of my biolage hair mask, detangler and a big wet comb did the trick. And a show during dinner time, making sure she was ravenously hungry. You know, just the obvious basics (oh lord).

I haven’t been able to stay out of the kitchen often this week and I’ve had quite a few recipes I’ve been toying with. A recent favorite: tomato and spinach egg cups with cauliflower crust. I am enjoying them! The base is similar to a cauliflower crust pizza I love to make and it’s been nice not to have a big mess of pans in the morning.

Well, I’m off! These are my notes for now. Happy weekend to those of you who are so impressively keeping track of what day it is 😉

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