Snippets of Christmas

This was such a fun day! We ventured out deep into the woods of Soquel (which is neither far nor woody..) to find a tree at a wild tree lot, and to our dismay, we found only the most gargantuan trees possible. So we stopped by another quaint little spot, off the beaten path called “home depót” 😉 And well, it worked for us so here we go, she’s up people!!

Christmastime been so fun this year, the kids’ excitement is through the roof and most especially, decorations. Although they mostly want to dig through boxes for possible toys. Or to “decorate” with one item and get their ever so prized hot chocolate.

There’s so much joy in it, counting down, lighting the Advent candles at church, preparing for the coming of Christmas. Luke prayed last night a prayer of thanks that Jesus came to the world and that we get to celebrate it, simply precious. Sometimes his prayers reveal all the profound things in his heart far more eloquently than any long conversation could! We are enjoying the anticipation, the peace in the waiting, the simplicity of soaking up one another and taking time to be thankful this Christmas season.

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