So I managed to take (very) few pics on thanksgiving and one in particular that poor Kate happened to be super distraught during. So needless to say it was the realest. But we had a great day!—waking up slow, watching the parade, getting our dishes started (sweet potatoes, veggies and mac/cheese this year!) and a quick walk, all before heading up to be with family (and crashing collectively once we got home!). I love hearing how other friends and family celebrate and now fun to see the kids come closer to an age where they look forward to it all. Luke is so in love with this time of year already, keeping track carefully of what’s coming up, being first to wake up and shout happy whatever!

There are so many nostalgic moments for me, and it’s hard to ignore the warm flurries it still brings me. The older I get, I’m much more pensive as I process this time of year: as an adult, as it pertains to kids, thinking through what lasting ideals I hope will reverberate in my kids. There are bright wonderful spots that come with this time of year and also other qualities that can characterize it—loneliness, grief, inadequacies, comparison, greed, poverty. It seems better highlighted by the weather, the spending, the family dynamics or lack of them. In the height of a season incredibly full of a mix of it all, I want to make ways of giving, thinking outwardly, selflessness, generosity. So anyways, that’s been on my mind this season! I have a couple ways we aim to give back through the year and then this holiday. Curious what other people and families focus on!

We have soo much to be thankful for, any problems we face at this time are minimal in the grand scheme. With the fires and loss in play for many Californians this season, the value of life reverberates a lot more loudly. We are clothed, fed, warm, together, our kids are cared for. Above that, we have laughter, family, friendships and that definitely puts it over the top!

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