Bring it on, baby FOUR

Wait what?!! It’s true!—we have another babe coming May 2019! We are currently preparing ourselves for a crazier existence than we already know come May. I began feeling some nausea in September and instantly knew. I was stunned! It’s one thing to conceptually know that you want something (though, maybe a little further down the road), but then, hello, here we are, it still shocked me. Though James was instantly ready! It took me a bit longer to tell people, because when you share your shock along with excitement, it sort of feels confusing. But as the weeks and months have passed, friends and family’s warmth and joy for us, along with the sinking in of it all, I am feeling blessed and extremely excited to meet this little caboose babe!!

We’re almost 16 weeks and I’m thankful to be out of the woods of nausea, for the most part, which didn’t stop whatsoever with the girls (sick til the end!). I am enjoying the relatively mild nausea, with fatigue and some migraines being the worst symptoms.

The kids are excited! Luke and I chat about it all the time, he wants a little brother 🙂 but he’s still got his four year old understanding of it all, hehe—were discussing it a few days ago, and we have been often and out of nowhere, he says “wait your pregnen (pregnant)??” Yes dear boy ha! Kate only talks about if the baby came out yet 🙂 she’ll just say worriedly, “is it coming out?!” Little Emma says “baby” and that’s all we have been able to discuss with her, so far! She is still my baby (though, aren’t they all!?) so I am soaking up her littleness (15 months right now) like it’s going out of style.

The kids will be 5, 3 and almost 2 when baby comes, and we can’t wait to see all the dynamics that come. If someone would’ve told me years ago that this would be what life looks like (surrounded by all these kiddos!) I would’ve probably never believed it!! But here we are, and so fully thankful, joy overflowing, enjoying the journey, riding the hormone roller coasters and baking all the cookies while we’re at it, heh. Here we go!

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