Baking and making, a list

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Five seasonal-ish recipes that I’m really enjoying as of late:

1) Morning glory muffins, hold me back! These muffins are an ode to a muffin that I’ve loved for years (this all sounds very odd..) which is the California muffin from Kelly’s here in town (a carrot apple masterpiece really). So I’ve been toying with this recipe and it is also (I won’t say equally, but certainly also!) very delicious.

2) Ree’s pancakes—mmmmm!! So even after having totally fumbled my version (applesauce is not the perfect egg substitute), they are still so delicious! We gobbled up all of our chunky cakes so effortlessly!

3) Kale sausage soup. This perfect autumn soup warms your belly with a deliciously seasoned broth, ground sweet Italian sausage, and tender kale and beans. Add a hunk of parm and crusty fresh bread and you are in soup heaven.

4) Thinly sliced pears and Point Reyes Bay Blue on a Sourdough baguette.

5) Apple, almond milk, peanut butter, strawberry smoothies (with a sprinkle of cinnamon)

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