Emma at one year old

My goodness it is surely surreal to write that. And I’m sincerely wondering if being in disbelief over the pace of time or children’s ages ever goes out of style. I think not. That is the hallmark of parenthood maybe, that children observe you always going on about the swiftness of time.. well, here I am, I cannot believe Emma is ONE year old.

Last Labor Day was a magical morning, welcoming Emma into our lives at 1 in the morning, the cutest little button of a babe. Emma has a whole bunch of personality at this phase. She is extremely talkative, this morning going on and on about something to me. She has many words, and has for awhile now. She is incredible at mimicking language as well, copying even difficult sounds and syllables. She has a lovely voice and while she is little, her voice is huge. It’s loud my friends. So much so that I literally cover my ears on a regular basis.. homegirl is LOUD. I think that quality has found itself in every update I’ve written.. ha.

She loves being in the presence of friends, family and especially her brother and sister. She’s outgoing, extremely observant, careful and calculated with her movements, loves to sleep nestled up in my arm.

She LOVES bath time, so much! She splashes through the duration of bath, and shows up her brother and sister in her enjoyment of water pouring over her face (they are in a phase of NOT enjoying that). She can play on the floor with a few toys for a long time, especially when the sibs are playing all around her. They are so safe with her, and she is so completely in joy with them.

Emma has added so much sweetness to our family. She makes all of us smile, even in our worst moments. I can’t tell you how many times I want to lose my cookies with something or other and end up laughing with her. Luke and Kate love it when I’m about to give someone a time out (oh well!). She reminds us of the beautiful element of grace in our family unit, helps us remain in peaceful simplicity at times. We love you Emma Genevieve, our precious one year old.. happy birthday!

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