Kate at two and a half

I can hardly believe Kate is in the neighborhood of two and a half, plus a little more. These days with her range from the sweetest, gentlest moments to the most fierce, she is both all at once. She has the most thoughtful nature, always bringing everybody their belongings and wanting to be a supportive part of our family, and she so is!!

In the morning, she wakes up happy, ready for a snuggle, which hasn’t changed since she was a little baby. She loves to help with chores, and is dedicated to trying something all by herself. Kate will sit and figure out how a toy (or any random item in the house for that matter) works, how it opens, closes, sounds, shakes etc. She loves to learn and figure these things out. She often begins social situations by starting off with quietly observing her surroundings, slowly allowing those around her to see bits of herself as time moves on.

She has the loveliest voice and enjoys singing and twirling and being strong and eating when she wants to, which has been an adventure to wade through. We love this vivacious, darling, smart, innovative momma bear of a two and a half year old, Kate!!

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