Sacramento road trip

We had such a good time stealing away a few days to visit with friends in Sacramento. We put our new car to the ultimate test (hello minivan!) road tripping, and she showed us a mighty fine ride. It was sweet to have quality time with the kiddos, who have a knack for making almost anything feel incredibly special, amongst other skills. There will be a large patio and I can ride my bike? JOY! Cows by the side of the road? YAY! Blueberries? Score. (Emma)

A couple highlights..

The kids completely loving everything and everybody they came across, including our friends, their kids, their pets, their neighbors pets. They are wholly resilient road trippers for the most part; this is exciting people.

Best talks ever driving with my hubby (and the extra row of minivan kid distance doesn’t hurt 😂)

Playing games, laughing hysterically at our terrible accent skills.

Seeing our friends’ beautiful and evolving backyard, a veritable market and floral shop with all the treasures growing back there.

Keto safe Moscow mules!! Praise.

We loved being with people dear to us, their kids, their pups and it’s wonderful how just a short time with people you miss can be so rejuvenating. And amazing how just a little heat can remind you to be grateful for the Santa Cruz fog 😂

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