Emma at 10 months

I’m so behind on these! I am forcing myself to sit down for a hot second so I don’t neglect to log these memories.

At ten months, Emma is smiley, giggly, observant, snuggly and perfectly pleased in anyone’s arms, walking around or her preference—squished right next to me. She has two bottom teeth and worked extremely hard for those (so did we, I’ll add!). She loves blueberries, toast, chicken, turkey, peas and almost any flavor of pouch puréed foods. And she loves to feed us all!

Her hair has grown in a little and James loves to style it to the side, which accentuates her big, thoughtful blue eyes. She’s been sleeping okay but I recently transitioned her to a new sleeping space and it has made all the difference. She is waking more than the other two did but is so sensitive to pain in different ways than the other kiddos (her teething has been so sad to watch!). She is loud and makes herself known, she says mama, dada, mine, go, no (lol, poor girl picked up all the best words from us all, didn’t she?) and is constantly babbling.

Emma loves her sibs so much, they are fascinating to her, and they love her so well. They are all each other’s worlds! Kate speaks so gently to her, reading and hugging and making sure she doesn’t sick her fingers (though ironically Kate does!). Luke is so aware of her safety and well being, being sure that everyone around knows the safe baby rules. He makes sure she has food and calls when he knows she needs me. Both kiddos make me feel so safe as they are so watchful and considerate of her.. I love the dynamics forming, I beam with pride I kid you not. You most assuredly have all our hearts Emma!!

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