Bits and pieces

We’ve kept so busy this summer and as a result, my photography has been so quiet! More kiddo time will do that too 🙂 We’ve has so many beach days, many a strawberry stained lip, trips to parks, glassfuls of iced tea on hot afternoons, exploring at museums, amusement parks, playing at dusk in the backyard, maybe too many early mornings up with the sun, lots of bacon and coffee to make it through (heh), late date nights, fun watching soccer and tennis, a dope new car (hello minivan!), I could go on!

I’ve treasured this summer.. we are beginning to look a bit towards fall, soaking up a few last summertime trips and such. This season has given me time to reflect and kind of grab onto myself again. The buzz of certain months or seasons cause me to go inward. In many ways, I actually found a few eureka moments in the midst of my summer. About my mind, my health, and some dreams. Some extra quiet time (thanks honey) surely helps! Okay, we’ll we’re now off to Sacramento to see some friends, happy Wednesday and promise I won’t be a stranger so much 🙂

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