Emma at 9 months

My little babe is nine months! This is a really sweet phase.. Emma has an absolute sunshine personality, she is a joy for all of us. The kids are figuring out more and more how to make her belly laugh. She is feeling bigger every day, especially in her speech and she is LOUD. I don’t know what she is going to do with these pipes but let’s all hope something!

Emma has two teeth that came in ever so painfully, but now she can crunch down on her food a little better. She likes those little puffs and all sorts of the puréed fruits and veggies, but doesn’t love the regular food we eat yet (she rejected avocado, banana and chicken so far).

She loves music and singing and her favorite song from us when she’s upset is “You are special”—a Daniel Tiger gem. She is a little happier on the ground these days, rolling around a bit more, still not so interested in crawling yet, though I think we’re getting there soon 🙂 Sleep has been questionable since these teeth have been so much work for her but when that’s not an issue, she’s doing just great!

We’re all pretty much in love with this little love.

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