Mother’s Day notes

I am full in my heart today. Full of bacon, sweet memories, taking my time to wake up and only hiding in the bathroom once. Full with the wonder of each day with children, their new rush of energy and joy in the mornings, their purity, perspective, half-eaten meals, dirty fingernails, thousand-watt smiles and many injuries (them and us).

I love motherhood in all it’s forms. I am thankful for my own mom and mother in law, two sisters I got incredibly lucky with, my aunts by blood and the other inherited aunties that have been rocks for me, and many incredible friends. I have watched so many women in my life face their future with bravery, ingenuity, fierceness, grace, strength and joy. Some in their faith and some in their business, some in their art, some in their marriage and some not, and some with or without children.

I love being a mom and am thankful for what it’s accomplished in me. There is something inspirational about the nature of many women I know, which is inclusivity, friendship, solidarity, and cheering one another on. I have observed those who don’t, but I guess I don’t remember them as well. I am grateful for this day to celebrate the beauty of motherhood, indebted to my little tribe who have blessed me beyond measure and I just hope I can squeeze out the love I’ve received to everyone around me.


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