Luke is four!

I just can’t. How in the good heavens does time fly through my fingers like this? My baby boy is four years old tomorrow, which might as well be 15 (but goodness thankfully it’s not). What an incredible first four years of life with this little man!

There are so many things that amaze us day by day as we watch Luke grow. The way he holds a conversation and his ease in connecting with people pretty much anywhere we go (it’s no longer such a surprise to stop so many times to chat with a stranger, ha). His humor with things. His persistence with something he wants and how motivated he becomes.

He helps me without a fuss!–the other day, while sick, we were laying on the couch during rest time and he hopped up to tidy the living room, put everything away and sat back down! I mean. Luke is just growing into an excellent big brother. With Emma, he is a big softie, giggling with her, watching her, so careful with her. And with Kate, they can be the sweetest companions, though, they equally get into a good amount of trouble too ha! I can’t wait to see how Luke continues to grow alongside these girlies.

Luke sees us in our most vulnerable, especially me. He is there watching me figure out situations I come across in daily life as a parent. Sometimes he is at the mercy of my mistakes and sometimes he is thinking through my conundrums with me 🙂 He is a great friend, companion and full of kindness. He is working out his emotions day by day and impresses me with how much good he chooses. He makes me laugh, and always at the right time with pokes and tickles. And his hugs and I-love-yous, oof. We love this boy to pieces. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY LUKE!

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