Bits and pieces

This week we’ve been gearing up for Luke’s fourth birthday. He chose funfetti cupcakes to bring to preschool so I had a late night moment alone with a funfetti mix and frosting. I am NOT an experienced cupcake baker, though I bake plenty. It’s something I’d love to learn! Meanwhile though, I am quite an experienced cupcake eater and I’ve seemed to find a way to ruin EVEN box mix cake. BUT this one came out okay! I don’t think I’ve ever cared as much as I did about these!

We’re enjoying the rainy weeks—and hail, which came over the weekend! That was so fascinating for the kiddos. And I love that pitter patter at night. But it is not easy to stay dry out there! I’ve been soaked a few more times than I’d like to admit, but mostly managed to keep the babies dry. I may need to get better rain gear. I’m sort of tired of walking around in my tall Hunters these days, need a less awkward boot that lets me catch running children, dogs, etc.

If you look below, there is a picture of Emma sleeping on my mommas lap, and I have to laugh every time I look at it. She was sort of dozing and ended up going face forward down and just stayed like that for a chunk of time. Makes me smile.

To get our wiggles out during the rain, we’ve been going to a little museum near our house. The pizza parlor they created below is magnificent! The kids spent so much time in there the other day, cooking up a storm for me 🙂

I’ve been trying to finish off my winter reading list and compiling the things I want to read this spring (which is here!). Currently reading Notes of a Native Son (James Baldwin) and next in my queue is The Liturgical Year by Sister Joan Chillister.

We’ve got birthday plans for Luke this weekend and he’s been counting down the days til this one so we are looking forward to a birthday packed weekend! Happy Friday everyone 🙂

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