Emma at six months

Emma is (more than) six months now! She is incredibly squish-able, super smiley and still has a loud chattering voice 🙂 She loves watching her big siblings do pretty much anything at all. She is rolling over and mobile enough but definitely doesn’t care to be on the ground and practicing crawling (much like Kate!).

She loves her bright, colorful toys and will play with them til she falls asleep which i find particularly adorable. We experienced a sleep regression about a month ago and barely, just barely, made it through. Three times a night was not pleasant my friends. Just in the last few days, she seems to be back to one wake-up or less, knock on wood. It’s a constant reminder of the ups-and-downs of sleep in these years. Once you think you’ve nailed it down, they throw an audible and force you into walking zombie mode for an unforeseen amount of time.

Back to Emma. She is pure sweetness, a peaceful presence in our home. Babies sometimes feel like old souls before they start talking because they’re not yet squawking and sweetly fumbling over all their words.. Emma has felt this way to me, even though her cute babbles have begun. She feels very in touch with everything. She’s strongly emotional already (ha, this sounds weird but I totally stand by it!); every emotion seems really deeply felt if that makes sense. It’s pretty easy to love her! Happy six months Emma!

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