Roaring camp

I’ve been a little on the brink of a cold, so I’m extremely thankful for James taking the kiddos for breakfast as I snoozed the morning away. Once we mustered our crew together, we drove up to Roaring Camp! It’s a nearby spot that takes you on a steam engine train, similar to that of a logging train from the 1800s.

We caught the two o’clock ride. It’s a jolty open air train that creeps and crawls into the Big Basin forest in Felton, surrounding you with fresh air, Redwood groves and flashes of warm sunshine when it can reach you.

The kids loved the ride, and we all survived our tired antsy hangry stage at the end 😉 there’s a sweet town that emulates the 1880s (we had a wonderful chat with the blacksmith!) and lots of places to run, eat ice cream and explore.

The train ride was a huge reminder of the incredible place we live in, where we can drive 15 minutes from our little beach neighborhood, up into a beautiful redwood forest.

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