Bits and pieces

I promise this won’t be a photo dump. But it sort of is a photo dump. Doh. There’s been much afoot in the lives of the Mastrianna fam! We have had some really amazing memories logged together these last few weeks.

Family days. Friend moments. Lots of singing (mainly The Greatest Showman) which I’ll see again tomorrow night thank you very much. Many walks. Many runs. Many aching backs the day after (man.). We have been clearing junk out of our lives, another post on that to come. I have undertaken a side hustle that is simply amazing. James is back in school and doing his own study hustling.

It is a special time for us and we are soaking it in. There are still days where I go a little nuts, as you do when you step in poop or similarly gross materials. But. When my head hits the pillow at night, I am unmistakably tired and moreover I am damn happy. And fantastically thankful. PS best smile ever down below! 👇

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