The end of something sweet

This last week, we had our last meeting with the youth group we’ve been leading for eight years, and helping with for almost ten. Those numbers feel a bit unreal! .. There is so much in my heart when I consider all that occurred over the years.. in us, in our family, in time with the youth. Bible studies, Pizza parties, camps, movie nights, beach days and many many more.

People gave us a precious place in their lives, a place sometimes of influence and friendship, allowing us to care, speak and closely observe God’s hand in their life. I treasure these years and come from this experience so aware of the role that community and tribe can play in this life, but especially in the formative years. I’m also acutely thankful of Gods great sovereignty and faithfulness to those He calls His own, having seen His story and blessings weave in and through so many lives in these years, including mine.

We began before we were engaged and just days after graduating college, and now have since married, had three children, moved multiple times, had job changes, and beyond, but God intertwining us with the youth remained the same. It was a very constant place of refining, joy, laughter, revelation, peace and again and again friendship, that we will always treasure.

While we say goodbye to a season of time that’s been very rich to us, we are so expectant for our next steps loving on this family of ours. Our hearts are full!

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