Bits and pieces

This Christmas season was filled with so many non material gifts for our family–so much quality time being near the top of the list. We started off break with a great end to James’ school semester and a fog of sickness. Whilst recovering, we did day trips to local spots, an evening at a fun light show over the hill from us, had drinks with friends and spent some time catching ourselves up on life and looking at the upcoming year.

It was the first time Luke really understood the entire value and richness of the Christmas season. Although I wasn’t able to pull it off this year, I am anxious to plan ahead for advent next year and soak up the sacred sweetness of these special days in December. On Christmas Eve, we celebrated the day with family time and wrapped it up with reading the birth of Jesus as we set up the nativity (and had some popcorn and an impromptu movie after!). These are the moments I am so thankful to get to create for the kids, not shying away from the holiday and it’s meaning. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas Day was their personal heaven of toys and treats and more, but I probably will pull back in the future and only do a little of the frivolous–as I look back, my best Christmases weren’t attributed to that anyways!

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