Kate is TWO

I ended up writing this directly to Kate! And for what reason I can’t entirely say except that it’s 1130pm and I’m tired by don’t want to miss a moment to write down my love for this girl. These next photos also best represent the many sides of our little girl!

Gosh. What can I say about this little love? Kate. You are feisty, hilarious, so intelligent, very very soft (even when you pack a lunch of sass) and so amazingly thoughtful towards others. If you could, you would hand feed our entire family, change their clothes, bathe them, cuddle them and kiss them a hundred times over. Your name means pure, and I see that ever so clearly in you. You are the purest sense of whatever you’re feeling or experiencing in a moment, it may change swiftly and abruptly without warning, yet somehow, you remain purely whatever the next moment provides you.

You are already a wonderful companion, you make us all laugh and feel special. You somehow remember to hand Emma a toy when the moment is right (how you even knew she would want one is beyond me!). You love to point out when someone is funny! .. I treasure our morning cuddles with you and find security in your nonchalant bedtime preferences (just want to go to bed!—no frills!). And girl, you love your yogurt. Your speech has grown incredibly! You are passionate, super aware and you don’t ever want people to experience hardship (especially if brother needs a talking to). You are simply lovely my dear, and I cannot wait to see all that this year of TWO has in store for you!

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