Emma at three months

Little lady is three months old now! I feel like we’re sort of exiting the newborn phase and I’m looking forward to discovering more of her personality. I’m also holding onto her newborn-ness fiercely because it’s just the most precious phase to me.. gosh I love this girl.

She is still quite talkative and has the sweetest voice, maybe even a little rasp in it which is cute. She smiles, coos and makes so many noises!

The kids make her smile the most. Although Kate moves so much around her that she rarely gets to focus in on her! It’s constant kisses, hugging, squeezing toes, etc 🙂

She has been a bit stinky in her neck rolls and underarms! I can’t seem to keep up with cleaning them out. Call me crazy but the smell is becoming a little sentimental.

Emma took her first ride in the double jogging stroller today, which isn’t particularly a milestone of note, though it was for Kate, who was sooo excited to have her within reach.

And while I am not aiming for her to be sleeper of the year, I would nominate her! She currently goes to bed around 7pm (sometimes a little later) and wakes up at 7am! I haven’t been paying too much attention during the day to her sleep schedule because she has done so well.. she has acclimated so well to our family life so far.

Emma, you are our little blessing!

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