First movie! 🍿

Oh my gosh people! We did it! Our first family movie, yippee! We’ve been waiting for this milestone as our kids will have many a family movie date in their future. We saw The Star which is a sweet, well done story about the animal-side of Jesus’ birth. Both the kids loved it and I believe Luke remembered every single word and name and scene, as we discussed them the rest of the day 🙂

And they sat STILL for the entire movie, yassss. Emma nursed the whole time. Kate laid out on James and watched the whole thing in her trademark lounge position. Luke owned his captain’s chair and snuck way too many red vines when we weren’t looking. And my favorite part.. we walked down to the front and danced during the credits since the theater was so small and everybody left immediately (haha, which turned into chase around the theater!). Family movie day was a success!

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