Bits and pieces

We are so excited for the Christmas season arriving! And a week early at that since thanksgiving is this week—woop woop! Last year Luke began to understand better but this year Kate will take her turn and I’m so excited for her. We started listening to Christmas music last night during bath time and it became the most magical moment. It’s the sweetest time of year 😍

I can’t believe that just a couple weeks after Christmas, Kate will turn TWO. What the heck. Luke will age up a couple months later (four 😭). Time just flies. Hanging on for dear life.

I’m feeling so sore from my workouts, I can’t believe how much a burpee could kick my butt. Even after a few weeks, I’m only exercising in my backyard as I’m not ready to share the glory of my burpee with the gym world quite yet, ha!

I’m feeling ready for a hair change. I am trying out some free hair extensions that I have been wanting to try, especially on days when I braid my hair. I’m also hoping to cut some length off and get my hair back to healthy. You can only throw it up in a ponytail or bun so many times before your (my) hair starts to get mad at me.

Hope you’re having fun with your Thanksgiving preparations.. we’re going to do a little thankful craft tomorrow and I need to figure out a veggie side dish to make. That’s going to be truly terrifying to shop for tomorrow, ha.

Happy Tuesday friends!

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