Gilroy gardens

This day happened awhile back now but we had the best time with the kids and so I didn’t want to neglect writing it down. We love Gilroy gardens! This was the first time Kate has been able to enjoy rides and the magic of it all. Huge mushrooms, spinning garlic cloves and apple-and-worm themed rides make this place a pretty thrilling vegetable garden, ha.It’s a super toddler friendly place and most kids are the same age or a little older than ours so it’s a sweet scene. It’s a great feeling to glance around and see other parents with their own wolfpack of toddlers; those gleeful, overwhelmed, crazy and always hungry toddlers. I was able to nurse Emma on the park bench while James and the kids got popcorn and went on the firetrucks 🙂 Later I took the kids on the train and Luke did his first major ride which emulated a hot-air balloon ride. We ended the day on the merry-go-round. I treasure the days where their heads hit the pillow hard at night! So much fun.

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