Bits and pieces

Luke told me he dreamt of frogs a few nights ago. I guess there’s not much more to say about it except I thought it was cute. And amazing that he’s beginning to remember his dreams, or at least describe them to us 🙂 Also, his three favorite animals to sleep with are a Swiss cow, a turtle from the Target dollar section a few years ago and a big Batman. They are all named Austin or Eddie depending on the day (two of his favorite young adults lol).

Speaking of “lol” .. I NEVER used this expression till probably a year ago. All through the AOL instant messenger, MSN chat, internet chatroom years, never liked it or found it appealing. In rebellion, I even wrote out “haha” or “laugh out loud” because I was so against it (who knows why this was!?)! But apparently I recently moved past it. Now, usually as a joke with James, I’ll even write “lolz” .. what happened to me!? lol. Doh!

I’ve noticed that I am so talkative lately.. extremely chatty. I don’t know if it’s because I need more stimulating adult conversation in my day or my pregnancy fog has lifted but I’m trying to remember to take a breath here and there 🙂

Kate has been sick over the last few days and toddlers are just the saddest sicklings. She woke up with a raspy voice today to boot, so she is just adorably pitiful. I was never a fan of hand sanitizer but these days the dull smell of alcohol on the kid’s fingers gives me unspeakable comfort.

We have a few Christmas presents BOUGHT. Believe it or NOT. Mastrianna first! I have to say I am usually waiting for mid December to do my Christmas-ing but proud to say Luke and Kate are both DONE, happy tears! We even have Luke’s birthday gift done for March! What the heck?! I know it’s not THAT big a deal but it’s so unlike us.. me? Whatever. I do enjoy not having to stressfully shop in the middle of Christmas season! Is that why y’all do it this way? Genius.

Happy Sunday!

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