Good morning to THIRTY! Writing it makes me feel young and old at the same time–thirty! I have many friends already embracing their best decade (or so I hear) and have been a little impatient for this birthday but on the other hand, have sort of enjoyed remembering I’m not there yet (ok well only when I’m teasing my husband!). This feels like such a milestone! I’ve forgotten how to treat those.. as a kid, they happen all the time. Double digits, off the kids menu, permit age, sweet sixteen, legal status, legal drinking age, quarter of a century, which, is that a big deal?–I didn’t make it one so that makes for a total of nine years of silence!

When older loved ones tell me that they blinked and became the age they are now, I am beginning to understand that. Things that took place ten years ago, fifteen even, don’t feel that long ago whatsoever. Facebook memories pop up that have me reciting the current year out loud to myself just to place things: “Ohhh fun, this was 2007! Hmm 2007?.. five years ago right, wait, nooooo, THIS WAS TEN YEARS AGO?” Then come screenshots and texts to friends and texts to James to ogle over how long ago the memory took place.

Something I realized last night that I don’t know how to “wear” this new age yet. I’ve told people before that I’m eternally 19 in my mind’s eye. I carry a little of that sentiment with me, feeling like I’m still figuring out the ways and means of adulthood, creating a life for myself (now ourselves), refining my ideals, my dreams, keeping up friendships, making time for family, knowing my favorite this and that. There are other parts of me that have by nature grown and matured, hopefully for the best. My confidence in my decisions, the heartbeat of our family and the environment we’re trying to foster. I certainly thought I knew more than I did at 19–that may be a marker of age, to realize you know less and less as years go by. Which is kind of freeing!

I’ve thought about what it is I want to make of these next years, and I’m so inclined to make a list, or think quite grand. So instead I will hold off for now and just enjoy this next year as it comes 🙂 so here’s a cheers to taking it day by day! And I wasn’t sure how I wanted to celebrate but finally decided that a concert or seeing a live comedian would be fun, so we’ll be looking into that 🙂 I also have a few evenings out this week to look forward to and had tea and cupcakes with the kids yesterday. We took a few home and I may just eat one for breakfast.. and beginning a new year off with a cupcake for breakfast seems like we’re off to the right start 💫

Update: I did not eat the cupcake. I had oatmeal. Which is way too responsible sounding so I’ll make up for it, don’t you worry.

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