Bits + pieces

It has been so hot! Last week, the leaves began to fall and the other day I had to rake them all away so I could break out the pool. Kate and I have spent a few afternoons playing in the water. She loves it. This girl.. It seems her favorite part of pool time is trying to drink water off the ground next to the pool or throw dirt in the pool and make mud 🙂

We painted pumpkins yesterday. Well, me. I had about five concentrated minutes of teamwork but before I knew it, I was painting the pumpkins by myself ha 🙂 everyone did rejoin for glittering of course! ✨

We’re gearing up for the Dodger games this weekend. Which means big bowls of popcorn, tons of excitement and a heaping side of sick to my stomach anxiety!—baseball fans, do you relate?

Oh yes and something I’m excited about is that I have been cleared to be active again after having Emma! Okay well mostly excited. Little by little, I’ve begun to do a few workouts (haha.. begun originally autocorrected to “beefy”). I started the Sweat app, it’s a twelve week program with a lot of circuits you can do on the ground or at home, which is very much my style right now. I’ve done just a few rounds and I am sore! I’m not trying to get hurt (lol) so I’m taking it in stride but it does feel good to have the challenge physically. I may post a couple updates as I go..

And now we’re headed to an apple farm for a  fun afternoon, yay! Happy Friday friends.


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