Rodoni farms

Last weekend we drove up the coast to find pumpkins! We ended up getting there at a quiet moment and it was so nice not to battle the crowds. The morning had been a little past my crazy threshold so we were needing an outing so when James text me he would leave a hair early, we packed up and got ready..

We’ve loved this patch over the years, the kids ran free, Luke pushed the wagon around, feeling very accomplished. The patch is on a big hillside overlooking the ocean so we had a couple small rogue pumpkins we saved that had gotten haphazardly tossed back to their piles—they gain some serious speed down that hillside!

The most genius thing they have is a large industrial plastic tube that’s been turned into a slide. We spent the better part of our time there as you can see. We also squished our faces in the wood pumpkin cutout, climbed the hill of hay, and picked out our special pumpkins that we’ll probably end up painting.

Afterwards we also went to our ever favorite berry farm, where I watched the kids roam around with James as I nursed Emma in the car. We all smacked on a strawberry chocolate truffle and an ollalaberrie cobbler. We found ourselves in traffic on our way home with an epic cry fest performance from Emma that the kids woefully and resiliently endured; her cry is still little but when she wants you to know she’s upset, she is quite good at communicating it 😉

After we tucked the kids in bed, James made us a huge bowl of popcorn and we watched the movie SING—which is so cute and another way too heartfelt animated film that you ugly cry to at the end. Loved this day!

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