More pregnancy favorites

A few more pregnancy favorites | mrscaseyannI’m in the end of days! Well, hopefully. I’m 39 weeks as of yesterday so hoping she is ready to meet us now. Having one come early and one come so late really messes with your mind. My friend told me this morning her third was the latest, so WHO REALLY KNOWS but either way, put a fork in me I’m done! I thought I’d try and jot down some things I’ve loved having this time around.

Pregnancy clothes and brands and items seem to change SO FAST! Things I had with Luke (and Kate!) are already out of production and on to the next company, next trending brand, etc etc. And that’s only two to three years. My favorite maternity leggings changed materials on me (the comment section of that item was hilarious, people were triggered to say the least). So, while they’re here, these are my faves!

Small H&M Shoulder Bag– Since I will be carrying large bags of diapers around with me soon enough, I thought I’d enjoy some last days of simplicity and this simple side bag. I love it! It’s not real leather or fancy, but it’s simple and cute and holds just enough to remind me to get rid of my trash and unnecessary items!

Women’s Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneaker– thank heavens for these. They are one of the easiest shoes to wear, pull on, etc, and they make me feel way more put together than I ever do! Score.

Women’s Ingrid & Isabel Rib Knit Maternity Tank– I’ve worn these under everything! They pull in tight and keep my belly feeling supported.

Almond Shower Oil– this stuff is dreamy. It takes very little to lather up and it leaves me really moisturized! I’ve had super weird skin this pregnancy (oily, dry, irritated, etc.) so it’s nice to have something that is heading me in the right direction.

Cake Lingerie Rock Candy Nursing Bra– Comfy and soft but also holding all the extra that needs holding.. (so much extra which is nice til it drives you nuts, whyyyy).

Kate Spade New York Gold Dot Insulated Tumbler– I drink water constantly so these adult sippy bottles are awesome.

French-Terry Lounge Joggers for Women– Not even maternity but no need, so forgiving and cozy and for being a lounge pant, the tapered pant leg just makes a round pregnant body feel cute. Can I say comfy again? Comfy.

Natural Scrubbers Beechwood Loofah Brush– My skin has needed all the help it can get and my elbows especially! Also love a good scrub for circulation and just feeling all polished, definitely nice here at the end.

SABON Body Scrub Lavender Vanilla– This stuff is gold. It smells incredible, buffs sooo well and you emulate lavender and vanilla essences as you continue on with your day. The scent is incredibly relaxing!

Striped Maxi Dress– This just seems to highlight so nicely the fact that you are, indeed, pregnant (ESPECIALLY when you are just starting to show). Towards the end, there’s no need for clothing indicators but this dress has remained cozy so stretched out stripes it is!

The Honest Company Honest Organic Body Oil– Dry skin, I prefer body oil, I like this one. Lotions have felt like they’re clogging my pores so I’ve leaned towards moisturizing with oil instead.

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