Pregnancy update 38 weeks!


We’re in the home stretch!! I feel huge and can’t wait to meet her. Luke was late and Kate was early so we know it’s ANY day and that is sometimes the most excruciating part.. when?! Trying to enjoy time with the kids before life makes a major switch up on us. Luke is excited and asks every day if she’s coming today. Kate is more unaware and just knows the baby is in my tummy (and apparently hers too, ha). We did finally buy some diapers so there’s that. I even packed my hospital bag this morning, boom! I have a couple other things in my online shopping carts to get but haven’t but the bullet yet and verdicts still out on whether we want to buy a bigger car (yikesss), but meanwhile we are updating our car seats so we can fit three across. I hear fitting three across is a short lived pipe dream, so I guess more to come on that one..

The hormonal feelings are intense with this one. I am definitely trying not to evaluate too many larger life decisions in the midst of my current state! .. I have had many moments where it all sinks in—the last days with Luke and Kate as they are, at this age, with life like we’ve known it. I felt this so strongly with Kate’s coming too, and was so worried about my time with Luke and what that would look like once she came. It wasn’t like I thought (thankfully!) and once the fullness of life for all of us took over, I found that I didn’t “miss out” on anything with him like I’d worried about! Their relationship has added to one another and at the same time, made me appreciate my individual relationship with each one even more. I think I read somewhere that your heart just grows bigger, and I would say I experienced that. But meanwhile I’m still soaking them in 🙂

HOW FAR ALONG: 38 weeks

SIZE: A watermelon! Sounds about right.

SLEEP: Varies. Lots of bathroom breaks, also a migraine here and there and then just the fact that I literally cannot get myself out of the bed and must roll out because of the beached whale status.

SYMPTOMS: Once it’s at this point, what isn’t a symptom?! I’ve got back pain, nausea from time to time, leg cramps, thigh cramps, hugeness up there, crazy pelvic pressure down there, swollen feet, contractions after days on my feet.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Salads with celery, carrots, purple cabbage, tomatoes, seeds, blue cheese and rotisserie chicken all shredded up, dressed with olive oil and balsamic. And a big hunk of bread. To be exact 🙂

STRETCH MARKS: Yes but apparently my body was too used to stretching and only a couple have appeared.

MOVEMENT: All the time! The kind where she’ll kick me in the right spot and I will instantly have to pee.

NAMES: Emma :)! We are still landing on her middle name but have sort of put it on the back burner til we meet her and see what we think!

CAN’T WAIT FOR: Sleeping on my tummy, not swelling, going in a hot tub!

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