Bedtime snuggles

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 12.07.19 PMThere’s nothing quite like the craze of bedtime. As much as I’m usually so tired and ready for my quiet time, I try and remember to enjoy these moments, because they are precious. Do you ever feel like time slows down during important moments in life? Bedtime feels like that to me. We’ll be having a conversation (Luke usually dominates, ha) that feels so much bigger than . It’s like his mind slows down and he asks the best questions; he processes, thinks and listens so intently to what we’re talking about, and soaks up the snuggling and back rubs. I wanted to get down a few of my favorites..

  1. Sometimes Luke just says “You know what? I think I love you!” and he says it over and over throughout bedtime stories and snuggle time. Ha, love it.
  2. Both kids.. grabbing face kisses and Kate.. pinching face hugs that you love but know are just a tad dangerous!
  3. L asking if the baby is coming out right now and asking to kiss my belly. He is going to rock the big brother to sisters role, all ooey gooey defender sweetness, that one.
  4. The last few nights, before I walk out of the room at night, L saying “one more thing!” and smacks his lips for a big air kiss.

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