And baby makes five!


A family of five, that is 🙂 Sooo here we go! Our third small person is on the way. I’ve actually found it a little hilarious to try and figure out unique ways to share each pregnancy. With Luke, we were very choosy and careful about how and when we shared, and unknowingly kinda secretive. I think we just didn’t know what to do in hindsight! With Kate, we were further along when we confirmed everything, so we felt like there wasn’t much to wait on.

This time, we were 14 weeks when we had our first ultrasound (now 20!). So announcements are kind of just coming out in my regular day-to-day conversations. One, because when you have two bigger ones running around and keeping you busy, there’s no time for fancy presentations. Two, because it’s fun to catch people a bit! It’s gone a bit like “so then I stopped by to pick up some groceries and also nachos with extra guac because I’m pregnant and just try and stop me right..” It’s been fun.

I’m really happy with this timing! Even though all my maternity clothes in our POD packed away, fully convinced we would be waiting until Kate was like 6 to think about another, ha. That said, James and I have always hoped our babies would be closer in age and get to grow up together. So at 22 months and 20-ish months apart, they’ll have no choice 🙂 And I guess we won’t have to put the diapers away.

We find out the gender in a few days. I’ve had lots of nausea and sandwich cravings, the fatigue is wearing off (somewhat) and I’m ready to be active again. I won’t lump what I’ll be doing in with working out (ha..), but I do want to get my miles in and get strong for labor. My delivery with Kate went well and part, I feel, was because I kept up with getting outside and sweatin’ a little. I will also need to practice my floating skills now and get some pool time in, because I’m going to roundest and let’s be real—sweatiest, in summer! I’ve never been really large pregnant in summer before. Any survival tips??

Oh yes. My due date? September 4th, AKA LABOR DAY. The irony! Ha. Oh Lordy.

2 thoughts on “And baby makes five!

  1. You are inspiring. Seriously, please come over and tell me all of your parenting secrets because I really want more kids but two has got my head exploding! 😉 Congratulations to your dear little family 🙂

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