Bits and pieces

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Luke and I on a little date earlier this week 🙂


I used to do “bits and pieces” when I first started blogging (in 2011, where’s my cane?! okay okay that’s not THAT long ago now that I think about it..), but I miss doing that so here’s my 2017 take on it. I should add, I physically—almost painfully—cringe when I read some of my blog entries from back then, but then also laugh hysterically because well, that’s all you can do!

  1. I’m trying to swim regularly. The first day I seriously was so tired and almost threw up poolside, ugh! I also fell asleep on the couch within like twenty minutes of being home. I even attempted (and keep attempting) a modified butterfly which I’m sure looks hilarious. Ha. But it’s getting a little better sooo.. progress!
  2. Luke and Kate ate so many strawberries for dinner tonight, they almost went halfway through a huge 5 lb bin from Costco. Kate is mainly carnivorous so I was quietly shocked and celebrating. Luke has probably topped his personal best as of tonight, but I’m sure he’s come close. I think we need to go to Costco a lot more than we currently do..
  3. Luke and grandma love to say “no thank you but thank you for offering” and other extremely polite and funny sayings like that. Luke has a knack at dropping these random sayings at the most comedically perfect moments. I think the other one is “thank you for your service”, which he says with a super long inflect at the end.
  4. Sick. I think it must be a part of toddler/baby life for a bit there?? When it ends, I don’t know! But it’s becoming laughable. “Sorry, sick, can’t make it” should probably be a programmed response on my phone these days! It all makes so much sense when I find Luke fully wet sneezing in Kate’s face, ha.. Cheers to health people!
  5. Potty training.. this is becoming all about my kids, hmmm.. well, we waited a little longer than most. I did not (not!) want to push it on Luke and I wasn’t really rushed for any specific milestone, so when he turned three, we popped into Target and grabbed some pretty cute little chonies. He’s been a champ! So proud!
  6. On the same vein.. no poop accidents (oh wait one, I forgot.. also, I don’t think there’s a respectable way to write out potty words), a few peepee accidents (see??) but overall, he’s doing so well! He freaks out a little whenever he feels the urge, which I’m pretty sure I’ve unconsciously egged on (whoops!) but he’s getting the hang of it and I’m so excited! Also, how did you teach your kids to wipe?? Don’t see us mastering that right away FOR SURE.
  7. We had to pull the reigns back on our obsession with a juice store down the street. We became so accustomed to their dragon fruit and acai bowls that the kids crave them now (with a side of salmon, no less!). Fifty bucks later and a few more visits in a week and we might as well move in! Figuring out how to recreate at home but it’s just not the same!
  8. Summer is coming!.. we stopped at a beach north of us that we’ve always loved for their ocean view swings, but then walked a little further and realized there’s a sweet little beach that looks perfect for a summer day! James hates sand, and I think Luke might too, but outside of that, soo ready 😉

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