How does this happen? Three feels like a funny one because three years isn’t enough to feel like birth was that long ago, thus, your tiny little babe’s transformation from newborn to huge, independent-ish, curious, creative, growing by leaps and bounds three year old .. well, it’s all a little much.

Luke at this age? Well, he’s busy, but not as busy as before (thank the Lord). He’s curious, inquisitive, so aware, thoughtful, friendly, considerate, determined (oh yes) and strong in heart and will. He loves doing chores around the house, playing basketball (most sports really), strawberries, outside time, being around any type of ‘big kid’ and riding his bike. He has strong emotions and in the last weeks, I’ve seen him learning to work them out more and more! Helping him with that is certainly a lot of work! But James and I are also emotional so we’re happy to work on them now rather than later—seriously.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 12.07.31 PM

He is the BEST big brother!! the gold standard in my opinion. He is so aware of Kate, speaks so lovingly to her, rarely is impatient with her, covers and considers her, shares his food, his toys. I can’t even express. I don’t think much about teaching him how to be with her. Sure we have to here and there, but across the board, he is such a caretaker and defender.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 12.07.19 PM

Today, the rain started pouring around lunchtime so we spent a good chunk of our day inside and cozy, which is so his style. We celebrated in the morning with jumps on his new trampoline and maple sausage and carrot muffins for breakfast, as requested. Later on, we did an afternoon strawberry cake, a long bath, visiting with a friend and a huge stack of books together.

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