Warming up!

luke3.jpgAfter a handful of “storms of the century”, the weather in on the upswing and I can almost squeeze spring out of thin air! We’ve spent a whole lot more time outside–not like it’s such inclement weather, we couldn’t be outside (eyeroll to us Californians)–and it’s warmly welcomed! Some of my favorite memories in the backyard are a sun-drenched day in the plastic kiddie pool armed with the hose on full blast, shooting it all over the yard and “watering” whatever came into view. Feet full of grass blades and dirt kicked up on the feet, sun kissed cheeks and all. I loved flapping that hose around and drawing pictures in the sky as my arm flopped to make certain shapes .. if that makes sense. Imagine Bellagio water display but toned down about a thousand knots.

Well. I found out this week the apple doesn’t fall too far! Luke is my protege in yard/hose-ery (hmm..). His favorite move right now is running outside, stripping down (hopefully a phase) and asking to play with the water. I think it occupied him for all of ONE HOUR the other day, which, if you know my child personally, is not short of a miracle. Here is his little self in “his element” …


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