Kate is ONE!


Welp. Okay okay, Kate is no longer ONE, she is 14 months! So this is really a 14 months update. I’ll take it. It is such a wonder to me how two little siblings can have so many differences, and at the same time so similar. Genes are a mystery to me. I’m sure I could remedy that but I don’t know if I have the brain-space. So for now, I’m simply in wonder! Kate is different from her big brother in many ways! These don’t define her, but they have been the only thing I’ve had to go off of, and that makes the whole thing fascinating..

Kate has a mostly reeee-laxed temperament with spurts of inconsistency when it comes to food. Namely method of feeding and pace. Do not leave her in waiting, that one. Not too many other things can throw her off! She is, in the words of many who describe her, chill. Praise hands.


She also has such an openness to most people, and allows them to cuddle, hug and comfort her. This is simply nothing short of genius for my tired mama arms (on certain days!). She has so many people she reaches for, who make her laugh to high heaven, and who she just cuddles and rests her head on so naturally. She is a social butterfly, without fluttering away too fast. So maybe just social. I love this. It’s also refreshing given Luke laughs in the face of too much socialization.

She has the sweetest crawl that most of us refer to as the Tarzan. I think it’s the result of learning to crawl on tile and hardwood, but I could be wrong. She loves to crawl with her arms forward and her right leg in normal crawl position, while her left leg sort of saunters and scoots along under her, picking up crumbs and outside dirt so nicely on her clothes. Heh. I think it’s sort of brilliant because she can sit up so quickly and go forward and backward faster, but who knows!

She is not walking yet, but she can. So I don’t know how to quite describe that quality except for “can’t be bothered”? This may be a sibling influence, forgetting hands picking up too quickly (guilty!), or possibly loves to leave us guessing in the bipedalism department. Well played, child.

Oh yes, and her favorite foods are something like salmon, steak, roast chicken, hunks of baguette and maybe acai bowls. Otherwise known as not a cheap date!

Love her so..

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