The kiddos at Christmastime


I’ve been remarkably bad at yearly holiday cards. I trailed off after our first year of marriage, when I burned myself out on wedding invites, thank you’s and of course, the beloved Christmas card. The timing of our wedding thank you’s in conjunction with the Christmas send out was unnecessarily stressful to say the least! I am in awe of families who have a professional shoot, followed up by a beautiful photo cards mass mailing. You, my friends, are on another level and I salute you.

img_2014img_2015img_2012img_2017So this year, I took a few minutes to put the kids in their only clean “dress up” clothes at the time and run outside with a blanket and my camera. I was laid out flat on the grass, using an inner tube to prop me if I needed some height. Luke was joining me in yelling at our dog, Maverick, to keep away from Kate. Then at one point, we weren’t sure if I’d rubbed my arm in dog poop. And if those things weren’t fun enough, trying to get a candid smile out of Luke these days is hilarious, if you find shouting the same thing thirty different ways, thirty times in a row, funny. I think it’s actually the definition of insanity.

Then. When we made it inside and could look at a few shots, I noticed my lens had a smudge. Funnnnnn! All things aside, I do like these imperfect pics of our kiddos. It totally captures them, smudges and poop and all! Sooo .. merry Christmas cards to you!

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