Monday morning diary

Most Mondays are spent on walks or homebound, with the occasional hangout as well. Our double stroller serves as our second car a couple days a week, so I’m usually somehow out and about with the kiddos, walking to the grocery store, park, coffee shop or down to the beach. This particular day we were still recovering from sickness and stayed inside a little longer. The gloomy skies definitely beckoned us home a bit too..

7am .. wake up and sleepily linger a little bit while Luke shouts from his crib to me. James has just left and the first flicker of light is streaming in through the sides of the blinds. I help Luke out and he begins to shuffle through his toys, looking for a certain racecar. I unbuckle Kate, who’s been stirring a little since James woke up, and nurse her while Luke plays on the ground.

8am .. we finally decide it’s time for breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes it is. Surprisingly, Luke didn’t want chocolate chips after all. I complied as I was charged with the job of making sure they didn’t go to waste.

9am .. A peek outside the kitchen window while waiting for the clouds to part and the sun to give us enough warmth to play outside.

9:30am Once Kate settles in for her morning nap, I clean up a bit and throw together two bowls of bread dough to let rise for the day. Luke plays on his own for a bit, ever so reluctantly, with his castle in the living room.

10am ..  Moment of silence for grocery list pondering. Shuffle some papers and we break out the play dough. I am commissioned to create a robot. Luke focuses on a skateboard.

10:15am .. Luke hears the gardeners outside and watches through the window shouting hellos and hi’s for a good fifteen minutes. I prepare a little snack of apples and peanut butter.

10:30am .. we throw on jackets and head outside to run around in the fresh cut grass. Kate begins to chatter but I let her stir a bit. Luke brings out the motorcycle and rounds the pathway around the yard.

11am .. I grab Kate and we continue playing outside. The sun barely comes out as Kate scoots around the patio.

12pm .. We prepare some lunch and chat at the table together over pesto pasta, oranges and edamame. Our dog Maverick scavenges the ground for crumbs and I threaten him about with the squirt bottle when he comes round Kate, who happily throws her lunch down to him. I let Luke watch the latest Daniel Tiger while I clean up.

1pm .. Last duties before nap time, watching the mail truck come and go. Grandma was home in time to join him on their ritual walk to retrieve the mail. Up the stairs we go to get ready for a little more quiet.

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