10 months with Kate!

Kate at ten months. What could I say about your little personality, Kate.. you are simply lovely to us! Here are a few favorites.

You hug so wholeheartedly! Every time we’re away for a little stretch, you squeeze our faces and necks with force, and you’d stay in the cheek to cheek position for however long you please.

I can barely get you to eat fruits and veggies! The Californian in all of us feels conflicted about this. We’re going to need to keep up the smoothies for you because currently you dislike: pears, bananas, apples, oranges, peas, edamame and you let butternut squash hang out in your cheeks for nearly only a half second. You do like every grain known to humankind: quinoa, oats, basmati, brown rice, sprouted grain toast, crackers, etc. Luke told me the other day that we should do some fruit picking for the family but that for Kate, we’d need to pick rice.

You are the most graceful crawler and scooter! I love that you go at your own pace and are so thoughtful and cautious about where you go.

You also kiss your baby friends. Wide open mouth and everything.

You love your big brother and nothing gets a bigger belly laugh than jumping on the bed with him. And he is, for the most part, gentle..

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