Two years

A month late .. My big boy is now two!! His tiny two years feel like they’ve packed in an eternity of memories.. laughter, joy, cuddles, late nights, early mornings, stuffy noses, dirty feet, lost patience and intense love! Two years feels small, but with Kate here to remind us how little he once was, two feels like a grown tiny man.

I get glimpses of who he is growing to be and who he is meant to become (just glimpses, people! that sounded a bit grand..). Right now, I feel like I’m learning how to better pinpoint the things that are in his heart and giving him a platform to discover those things. The most fun part of what I’m discovering about him, though, is that he is a good friend. I love going to the store, or walks, just us.

A few things about our two year old..

We joke all the time that he’s going to grow up to be a park ranger. This kid loves nature and being outside.

For whatever reason, he has picked up on being polite. He reminds me to say “you’re welcome” and “thank you” when I forget. He also says inserts them at weird places in our conversations, which is entertaining.

My mom’s dog Maverick is pretty much his best friend. They are so cute together.

Loves music and every musical instrument, with drums coming in first, followed by guitar, ukelele and harmonica. His singing face is pictured above.

Skateboarding, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, soccer, basketball, football, baseball. All. of. it.

He also makes friends with the most interesting characters. People we would not necessarily encourage him to smile and wave at (disgruntled teenagers seem to be his fave).

Love you little man.

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