Blogging is my way to say.. I love you

You know you have an almost two-year-old when you have Daniel Tiger songs stuck in your head, even at 10:30pm at night. So when blogger asks what you want to call your post, you resort to the song that’s been stuck in your head since 7:15am!

I feel so February this month–a little unforeseen sun, a little foggy, sorta introspective, stressy at times, glued to HGTV dvr .. you know .. Februaryish stuff 🙂 We’re in the middle of a lot of life changes and I’m pretty sure we’ve hit our max on “things you’re not supposed to do when you have a baby” .. but who likes those rules anyhow?

spying on my son earlier this week at his day care 🙂

One of those have to do with the mass amount of packing materials and total chaos in our home right now. Cause we’re moving. In a week (so not prepared..). We’re moving from our church flat that we’ve been in for a few years now. It’s an exciting thing, but it’s also causing a whole lot of memory lane these past few days. A lot of our formative years both as both single people and a couple have happened while living here in this building–our learning curves, our meltdowns, dating, getting married, being pregnant and having babies. Okay most of our formative moments have happened here.

our girl is starting to show her little personality off!

We knew that living in a community like this wouldn’t be forever, so we’ve soaked up the time we’ve had here rubbing shoulders with so many friends and loved ones. The memories that stick as of late .. Sharing a kitchen with twenty other people, having a playground and beautiful park for a backyard, eating dinner a few times a week with all our kids screaming building on one another and yelling ‘birth control!!!!’ to all the sweet and unassuming young single adults we live with, oh yeah!

We feel like we are stepping into something completely new. We’re not sure what daily life will look like in the next months. There is an expectancy in our hearts. We know we’re being asked to step out and step forward, we’re just missing some of the fill-in details for now (new job, new ‘future’ place after hotel de la grandma:). And the unknown is kind of okay with us for now. Shudder! It’s true!

don’t your target runs look like this??

That is something that I wouldn’t usually think or say or think about thinking or think about thinking about saying honestly (confused? good!). Unknowns are tough for me. So that’s a big deal (thank you Lord..boom baby). The part that keeps us steady in this whole process is knowing that God’s leading us, really really.

We’ve felt the big and small confirmations as we’ve made our plans and asked Him, and we feel like our hearts are open to whatever the unknown might look like. It feels like an adventure, which freaks me out when you’ve got kiddos and stuff and bills etc etc.

So there’s a crazy feeling element to it all too that keeps us humble 🙂 But we know that we know that we know that we know that God is with us. And if he can effectively lead a donkey, I seriously have hope for us too 🙂

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