Looking back on my second pregnancy

To be honest, I’m posting this on round two of pregnancy because I am on my way to forgetting all the details! It’s terrifying to think of what I’ll forget if we ever have another. So I wanted to remind myself of a few of its shining moments. This pregnancy WHOOPED MY BUTT. And I’ll start out by confessing that I took not one successful profile belly picture! What the what! Barring the photo in this post, I pretty much bombed (it doesn’t help when you’re throwing up all the way up to the week before). Anyways, I’m going to have to scour James phone to see if there’s any hidden gems. This is only number two, imagine if we have more .. I fear we’ll never know if I was actually pregnant via photo evidence.

Here are a few of my glances back on this pregnancy with my sweet Kate .. I loved these question prompts I found here 🙂

How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant? We were totally surprised. While we had begun praying about entertaining the possibility of a second pregnancy, we were unaware that we were already eleven weeks along .. ha! Just because you don’t have a monthly visit of pain does not mean you are closed for business. Never messing with that statistic again 🙂 We were surprised, but we were so excited, and to find out that we were nearly into the second trimester was an added bonus.

How did you share your pregnancy news with family and friends? We pretty much told people right away and as soon as we saw them 🙂 Given we were further along, we felt more freedom to share and not hold back. With Luke, we were still figuring out how we wanted to approach the whole process so we stayed mum for a bit longer. This time, we just knew we wanted to share it with people right out the gate!

What were some of your first pregnancy symptoms? Nausea (I thought I had the flu for a few weeks in there), heightened sense of smell, could not change Luke’s diapers to save my life (poor kid).

How did you feel when you needed to go shopping for maternity clothes? I did not shop for maternity clothes this time around, except to replace my favorite maternity leggings. I carried smaller this time and also lost some of my weight I had gained with Luke (sorry body) so I wore my regular clothes longer and also used just a few old pieces from my last pregnancy.

Did you choose to find out your baby’s gender in advance? Why or why not? Yes, we are finder-outers. We loved being able to prepare, especially with Luke becoming a big brother. Although, there is an element of uncertainty with girls and they double checked her when she was born, which freaked me out for a quick second.

How did you choose your baby’s name? Mainly based on meaning, we also knew we wanted strong and short names for our kids (so far). We loved the meaning of Kate–pure, blessed. Her middle name (Abigail) means Father’s joy, we loved that too.

How did you select a theme for your baby’s nursery? Well, I’d hardly call it a nursery right now (she has a corner of our sleeping space with her shelves and books and blankets) but the decor I’ve collected for when there is a little more space.. I chose that while perusing Restoration Hardware and finding the sweetest hot air balloon painting. My mom is recreating that for me and I received a sweet bird painting from a friend, along with little cloud details. So she has an “up in the sky” vibe happening for her future space 🙂

Did you have a baby shower? Yes! Some people aren’t sure about doing it second time around but I love to help celebrate every baby’s arrival.. even if you’ve got mostly everything! It was lovely and I am so glad my friends have amazing taste in baby girl clothes–I was a little blank when I’d shop for her (I think it was hard for me to switch from boy world to girl world) and we received the most lovely things! I haven’t had too much trouble shopping for her since, heh.

How did you feel as your due date approached? Ready to meet her already. And also positive she would be late (she wasn’t)!! I think I told everyone.

Were you scared and nervous or simply excited to meet your new bundle of joy for the first time? A little anxiety because I was really hoping for a VBAC, which happened (I’ll post about it soon). But we just wanted to meet her, see what she looks like, and start incorporating her into our family.

How did you feel when you saw your baby for the first time? So so incredible. We cried, we stared, we rejoiced in labor being over (woohoo!) and then examined her every little part. Her wrinkly hands, daddy’s ears, my toes, her full head of multicolored hair.

–birth story coming soon :)–

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