Sunken into my shoes

2015 was so full for us in many ways.. To name a few.. celebrating Luke’s first year with us in March, saying goodbye to a multiple family members much too soon and unexpectedly, to discovering we were pregnant in June, then finding out she’s a she(!) in September, being sick as a dog through a whole heck of a lot of the pregnancy, to our ministry life being turned upside down / shaken up (in a good way), to new friends, old friends, learning new things, and making mistakes for the tenth time and having to apologize especially often 🙂

I’ve learned a great deal this year. I’ve sunken into my shoes a bit more. I feel like God has reinvigorated and rehydrated my heart, and as a result, I feel more myself than I’ve felt in a long time, while still feeling completely new and inexperienced in many places of my life. As I enter the New Year, there is a blossoming excitement. It’s the year of our little girl being born (and surprise! She’s here.. more on that later:), the year of our fifth anniversary (which is bizarre really..), Luke’s second year of life and the year I will turn 29, woot!

I don’t know what I’ll have to report about a year from now but I find that I can’t wait to see what unfolds. As much as I believe I’ve said that in years past, I was more hesitant, more reserved and stifled in my expectancy, so to say, about what to anticipate in the year to come. That bated breath has been let out somewhere, thankfully. And what replaces it is a heart facing forward and–for the first time in a long time–boldly looking at what is to come. You’ve got me Jesus, here we go 🙂

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