A room for two

It can feel so cliche to address the nesting part of pregnancy, but man, are the feelings strong. It’s like this overwhelming pull to everything in place, mixed with a dash of spring cleaning, Hoarders, what seems like a flea market inside my house, topped off with a sprinkle of Antiques Roadshow, where I momentarily think that my flea market find will actually sell on Craigslist.. Though it rarely does. These are normal goings-ons in my home. Did I mention we live in a like 400 sq. feet of space??

So all that to say, the nesting force is strong right now. Separate from our kitchen space, we’ve got two large rooms that are currently arranged into dining/living space and a sleeping/nursery space. Right now, it works quite well and we’ve got enough curtains, dividers and white noise machines in the nursery area that it really feels like a separate room (ps- thank you Ikea for the remarkable Expedit series). But thinking about two in our current setup is a new venture.

There are a few setups that have been inspiring thus far that I’ve got below. I think it’s going to feel a little squishy at first, but hoping that we all settle in nicely. I’m not ready to separate us all and stick our bed in the living space (which is the only way to truly have two rooms) because I need my bed in a sleepy spot. I get all mixed up if I have it any other way (whenever we stay in a hotel, I’m all thrown off because I can lay down in a bed and watch tv.. I either instantly fall asleep to whatever we’re watching or stay up all night all dazed.. weirdest thing!). Anyways, here comes a few spaces I’ve been inspired by as of lately! Anything you have to throw in the mix?? Tips heartily welcome 🙂

This.. a gorgeous nursery from Stockholm, Sweden.

These from a stunning home in Hong Kong..

And this last one from the blogger Joni at Lay Baby Lay, beautiful..

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